Applied Physics Graduate Program Overview

Research in Applied Physics implements the known laws of physics and utilizes the skills and intellectual approaches developed through a Physics education to solve a large variety of real-world problems.

At Northwestern, the Program in Applied Physics offers interdisciplinary PhD research opportunities for prospective graduate students with a strong undergraduate background in Physics. The program is designed to prepare graduates for professional careers in science and technology, either in academics or in industry. As the distinctions between traditional scientific disciplines become increasingly diffuse, this program seeks to ensure that our graduates recognize and take advantage of scientific and technological opportunities wherever they may arise.

Northwestern has a distinguished record of research and innovation in many areas of applied physics, spanning multiple departments in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science and the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. Many research programs take advantage of the Advanced Photon Source at nearby Argonne National Laboratory.



(L to R) Homayoon (Amir) Maghsoodi, Martin Girard, Kyle McCall, Yue Li, Xin Xu

at the beautiful Evanston, IL campus



Faculty Collaboration

The Applied Physics Graduate Program is a hub for strong collaborations between faculty in our Physics & Astronomy, Molecular Biosciences, Chemistry, Earth & Planetary Sciences, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, and Materials Science & Engineering departments.


September 17, 2014