Amanda Petford-Long Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; Argonne Distinguished Fellow, Materials Science Division, Argonne National Lab

Research Interests

The research in my group concentrates on understanding the behavior of magnetic, ferroelecctric and multiferroic oxide nanostructures, and in particular on determining the role that interfaces play in controlling this behavior. We are correlating the ferroic and transport properties with microstructure, magnetic domain structure and composition profile, determined using a range of high-resolution electron-microscopy, atomic force microscopy and position-sensitive atom probe techniques, including Lorentz microscopy for imaging magnetic domains and piezoforce microscopy for imaging ferroelectric domains. We are also developing in-situ TEM techniques for the investigation of magnetization reversal and transport behavior.

Selected Publications

D. K. Schreiber;Y-S Choi;Yuzi Liu;Ann N. Chiaramonti;David N. Seidman;A. K. Petford-Long, “Enhanced magnetoresistance in naturally oxidized MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions with ferromagnetic CoFe/CoFeB bilayers”, Applied Physics Letters, (2011)

Daniel K. Schreiber;Young-Suk Choi;Yuzi Liu;Ann N. Chiaramonti;David N. Seidman;Amanda K. Petford-Long, “Effects of elemental distributions on the behavior of MgO-based magnetic tunnel junctions”, Journal of Applied Physics, (2011)

Yuzi Liu;Ann N. Chiaramonti;Daniel K. Schreiber;Hyunsoo Yang;Stuart S. P. Parkin;Olle G. Heinonen;Amanda K. Petford-Long, “Effect of annealing and applied bias on barrier shape in CoFe/MgO/CoFe tunnel junctions”, Physical Review B, (2011)

C. Phatak;A. K. Petford-Long;O. Heinonen;M. Tanase;M. De Graef, “Nanoscale structure of the magnetic induction at monopole defects in artificial spin-ice lattices”, Physical Review B, (2011)

Goran Mihajlovic;Daniel K. Schreiber;Yuzi Liu;John E. Pearson;Samuel D. Bader;Amanda K. Petford-Long;Axel Hoffmann, “Enhanced spin signals due to native oxide formation in Ni(80)Fe(20)/Ag lateral spin valves”, Applied Physics Letters, (2010)

Moonkyu Park;Seungbum Hong;Jeffrey A. Klug;Michael J. Bedzyk;Orlando Auciello;Kwangsoo No;Amanda Petford-Long, “Three-dimensional ferroelectric domain imaging of epitaxial BiFeO(3) thin films using angle-resolved piezoresponse force microscopy”, Applied Physics Letters, (2010)

... , Y Liu, JE Pearson, SD Bader, AK Petford-Long, ..., “Enhanced spin signals due to native oxide formation in NiFe/Ag lateral spin valves”, Applied Physics ..., (2010)

... , JE Pearson, SD Bader, AK Petford-Long, ..., “Enhanced spin signals due to native oxide formation in Ni 80 Fe 20/...”, Applied Physics ..., (2010)