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Lincoln J. Lauhon

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering; Co-Director, Graduate Program in Applied Physics

Ph.D. in Physics, Cornell University, 2000; B.S in Physics, University of Michigan, 1993

Research Interests

Transport in nanoscale materials, including nanowires and nanotubes, is extremely sensitive to nanoscale structure, including defects, dopants, and impurities.  While methods of resolving spatial structure, such as electron microscopy, are well developed, general methods of resolving nanoscale electronic structure are needed to understand the consequences of dimensionality for the properties of heterogeneous nanostructures.  The Lauhon group combines scanning probes with electrical transport studies of nanowire and nanotube-based devices to correlate nanoscale structure with nanoscale properties, providing a fundamental foundation for the development of new materials technologies of relevance to electronics, photonics, and energy.  We are currently investigating the effects of size, strain, and stoichiometry on the metal-insulator transition in vanadium oxide nanowires, and the influence of dopant inhomogeneities on the electronic properties of silicon and germanium nanowires. 

Selected Publications

Hersam, Mark C.; Marks, Tobin J.; Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Sangwan, Vinod K.; Jariwala, Deep, “Emerging device applications for semiconducting two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides”, ACS Nano, (2014)

Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Riley, James R.; Detchprohm, Theeradetch; Wetzel, Christian, “On the reliable analysis of indium mole fraction within In x Ga 1-x N quantum wells using atom probe tomography”, Applied Physics Letters, (2014)

Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Holsteen, Aaron; Kim, In Soo, “Extraordinary dynamic mechanical response of vanadium dioxide nanowires around the insulator to metal phase transition”, Nano Letters, (2014)

Hyun, Jerome K.; Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Connell, Justin G.; Yoon, Kunho; Amit, Iddo, “Barrier height measurement of metal contacts to Si nanowires using internal photoemission of hot carriers”, Nano Letters, (2013)

Lauhon, Lincoln J.; et al.; Connell, Justin G.; Wang, Zhiguo; Gu, Meng, “Electron-rich driven electrochemical solid-state amorphization in Li-Si alloys”, Nano Letters, (2013)

Wierer, Jonathan J.; Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Padalkar, Sonal; Riley, James R.; Li, Qiming, “Three-dimensional mapping of quantum wells in a GaN/InGaN core-shell nanowire light-emitting diode array”, Nano Letters, (2013)

Hersam, Mark C.; Marks, Tobin J.; Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Sangwan, Vinod K.; Wu, Chung-Chiang, “Gate-tunable carbon nanotube-MoS 2 heterojunction p-n diode”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, (2013)

Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Connell, Justin G.; Perea, Daniel E.; Gu, Meng; Wang, Zhiguo, “Electronic origin for the phase transition from amorphous Li x Si to crystalline Li 15 Si 4”, ACS Nano, (2013)

Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Hyun, Jerome K.; Zhang, Shixiong, “Nanowire heterostructures”, Annual Review of Materials Research, (2013)

Everaerts, Ken; Sangwan, Vinod K.; Marks, Tobin J.; Hersam, Mark C.;

Lauhon, Lincoln J., “Extrinsic and intrinsic photoresponse in monodisperse carbon nanotube thin film transistors”, Applied Physics Letters, (2013)

Jariwala, Deep; Sangwan, Vinod K.; Marks, Tobin J.; Hersam, Mark C.; Lauhon, Lincoln J., “Elucidating the photoresponse of ultrathin MoS 2 field-effect transistors by scanning photocurrent microscopy”, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, (2013)

Lauhon, Lincoln J.; Schwalbach, Edwin J.; Voorhees, Peter W.; Connell, Justin G.; Yoon, Kunho, “Identification of an intrinsic source of doping inhomogeneity in vapor-liquid-solid-grown nanowires”, Nano Letters, (2013)

I. Amit, U. Givan, J. G. Connell, D. F. Paul, J. S. Hammond, L. J. Lauhon and Y. Rosenwaks. "Spatially Resolved Correlation of Active and Total Doping Concentrations in VLS Grown Nanowires," Nano Letters 13(6) 2598 (2013).

V. K. Sangwan, D. Jariwala, S. A. Filippone, H. J. Karmel, J. E. Johns, J. M. P. Alaboson, T. J. Marks, L. J. Lauhon & M. C. Hersam , "Quantitatively Enhanced Reliability and Uniformity of High-kappa Dielectrics on Graphene Enabled by Self-Assembled Seeding Layers," Nano Letters 13(3) 1162 (2013).

A. Behnam, V. K. Sangwan, X. Zhong, F. Lian, D. Estrada, D. Jariwala, A. J. Hoag, L. J. Lauhon, T. J. Marks, M. C. Hersam & E. Pop, “High-Field Transport and Thermal Reliability of Sorted Carbon Nanotube Network Devices," ACS Nano 7 (1) 482 (2013).

J. G. Connell, K. Yoon, D. E. Perea, E. J. Schwalbach, P. W. Voorhees & L. J. Lauhon, “Identification of an Intrinsic Source of Doping Inhomogeneity in Vapor–Liquid–Solid-Grown Nanowires," Nano Letters 13 (1) 199 (2013).

T. A. Shastry, J. –W. T. Seo, J. J. Lopez, H. N. Arnold, J. Z. Kelter, V. K. Sangwan, L. J. Lauhon, T. J. Marks & M. C. Hersam, “Large-Area, Electronically Monodisperse, Aligned Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Thin Films Fabricated by Evaporation-Driven Self-Assembly," Small 9 (1) 45 (2013).

V. K. Sangwan, R. P. Ortiz, J. M. P. Alaboson, J. D. Emery, M. J. Bedzyk, L. J. Lauhon, T. J. Marks & M. C. Hersam, “Fundamental Performance Limits of Carbon Nanotube Thin-Film Transistors Achieved Using Hybrid Molecular Dielectrics,” ACS Nano 6 (8) 7480 (2012).

R. A. Schlitz, Y. -G. Ha, T. J. Marks & L. J. Lauhon, “Quantitative Statistical Analysis of Dielectric Breakdown in Zirconia-Based Self-Assembled Nanodielectrics,” ACS Nano 6 (5) 4452 (2012).

J. R. Riley, R. A. Bernal, Q. Li, H. D. Espinosa, G. T. Wang and L. J. Lauhon, “Atom Probe Tomography of a-Axis GaN Nanowires: Analysis of Nonstoichiometric Evaporation Behavior,” ACS Nano 6 (5) 3898, (2012).

F. J. Lopez, J. K. Hyun, U. Givan, I. S. Kim, A. L. Holsteen & L. J. Lauhon, “Diameter and Polarization-Dependent Raman Scattering Intensities of Semiconductor Nanowires,” Nano Letters 12 (5) 2266 (2012).

E. R. Hemesath, D. K. Schreiber, C. F. Kisielowski, A. K. Petford-Long & L. J. Lauhon, “Atomic Structural Analysis of Nanowire Defects and Polytypes Enabled Through Cross-Sectional Lattice Imaging,” Small 8 (11) 1717 (2012).

F. J. Lopez, U. Givan, J. G. Connell and L. J. Lauhon, “Silicon Nanowire Polytypes: Identification by Raman Spectroscopy, Generation Mechanism, and Misfit Strain in Homostructures,” ACS Nano 5 (11) 8958 (2011).

J. K. Hyun & L. J. Lauhon, “Spatially Resolved Plasmonically Enhanced Photocurrent from Au Nanoparticles on a Si Nanowire,” Nano Letters 11 (7) 2731 (2011).

S. Zhang, I. S. Kim & L. J. Lauhon, “Stoichiometry Engineering of Monoclinic to Rutile Phase Transition in Suspended Single Crystalline Vanadium Dioxide Nanobeams,” Nano Letters 11 (4) 1443 (2011).

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