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PhD Alumni

Deng, Junjing 2016 Assistant Physicist Argonne National Laboratory DuPage County, IL
Jing, Yufei 2016 Quantitative Analyst Citigroup New York City, NY
Chiang, Naihao 2017 Postdoc UCLA (Prof. Paul Weiss Group - Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry) Los Angeles, CA
Nowierski, Samantha 2017 Senior Hardware Development Engineer Infinera Corporation Sunnyvale, CA
Cui, Boya 2017 Quality & Reliability Engineer Intel Coporation Oregon, USA
Li, Kenan 2017 Research Associate SLAC
Wei, Guohua 2017 Process Engineer Intel Coporation Portland, Oregon
Davis, Sam 2017 Physicist Intel Coporation Portland, Oregon
Zeng, Li 2017 Postdoc Research Fellow Stanford University CA
Chen, Xiao 2017 Scientist Applied Materials, Inc. Santa Clara, CA
Christopher Engelhardt 2018 NA NA NA
Lintao Peng 2018 Postdoc Northwestern University IL
Yue Sun 2018 Quantitative Research JPMorgan New York, NY
Weijia Wang 2018 Lam Research CA
Emily Sprague-Klein 2018 NA NA NA
Saijie Pan 2018 NA NA NA
Zonghui Wei 2018 Data scientist SparkBeyond New York
Martin Girard 2018 Max Plank institute for polymer research Ackermannweg 10, D-55128 Mainz
Honghao Li 2018 Software Engineer Google Mountain View, CA
Ming Han 2018 Post Doc Training University of Chicago Chicago, IL
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